jeudi 30 octobre 2008

* Emmy Wehlen エミー・ウェーレン Herbert Blache (ハーバート・ブラッシュ

* Emmy Wehlen エミー・ウェーレン (Louise Allenby)
原題 : Fools and Their Money
* 製作年 : 1919年
* 製作国 : アメリカ
* 配給 : 松竹配給
Herbert Blache (ハーバート・ブラッシュ) a fool and their money 1919 Emmy Wehlen

Productions Dates of Production
To-Night's the Night [Original, Musical, Comedy]
Performer: Emmy Wehlen [June]
Dec 24, 1914 - Mar 27, 1915
The Girl on the Film [Original, Musical, Farce]
Performer: Emmy Wehlen [Winifred]
Dec 29, 1913 - Feb 21, 1914
A Winsome Widow [Original, Musical, Comedy, Farce]
Performer: Emmy Wehlen [Mrs. Guyer]
Apr 11, 1912 - Sep 7, 1912
Marriage a la Carte [Original, Musical, Comedy]
Performer: Emmy Wehlen [Rosalie] a fool and their money 1919
A major operetta star who had appeared in the original London productions of The Merry Widow and The Dollar Princess and, in New York, Tonight's the Night, Emmy Wehlen parlayed her success into a middling screen career in the late 1910s. Usually cast as society girls who get their comeuppance in the final reel, Wehlen scored a major hit as Miss Robinson Crusoe (1917), yet another version of Barrie's The Admirable Chrichton. Unfortunately, she was also trapped in humdrum fare such as Sylvia on a Spree (1918), as a spoiled socialite out on a final night on the town before marriage, or The Shell Game (1918) in which she attempts to fleece a millionaire. With reviewers rarely in her corner, Wehlen returned to the legitimate stage in 1920. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, All Movie Guide